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At Vital Health Pharmaceuticals Inc., we dedicate ourselves to mankind’s biggest asset – health.Headquartered in Nevada, U.S.A., Vital Health Pharmaceuticals Inc. is endorsed by over 2 decades of tradition and expertise in delivering healthcare products of only the finest quality. The Vital Health Pharmaceuticals Inc. doctrine is ‘Excellence has no finish line’. Our constant and intricate undertakings strive to deliver innovative products of unsurpassed quality based on credible advances in healthcare research. Our wide and evolving range of products are suitably designed to restore, support and/or improve health and wellbeing. We believe small things matter and therefore each product from Vital Health Pharmaceuticals Inc. carries the highest level of certified control expected from a leading pharmaceutical company.

Our integrated systems

Our integrated systems as a progressive conglomerate, ensure a commitment to healthcare professionals and consumers alike.

Natural medicine

From newly received ingredients to stability-tested finished products, the facility follows an approved set of (SOPs) of all factors that can impact a product.

Tested Products

STR in the nutritional supplements industry includes laboratory testing to ensure compliance to DSHEA, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the FDA GMPs for potency

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We call it ‘The Vital Assurance’

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  • Traceability

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